Business education has two facets in accomplishing the thirst of business knowledge in an individual – commerce and management. In India two such commerce – oriented professional bodies which took shape to quench this business thirst were the Indian Commerce Association established in 1949 and the Indian Accounting Association started in 1969. Another management related body that came into existence was the All India Management Association in 1957.These professional bodies provide a sectoral approach in imparting and developing business knowledge.

As there was a need for a holistic approach to integrate both commerce and management streams and to have broad policies both at the state and national level, the idea to set up “Indian Council for Business Education (ICBE)” was evolved. With combined efforts of many distinguished luminaries of the academic world (namely Prof.B.C.Sanjeevaiah, Prof.M.B.Shukla, Prof K.Viyyanna Rao, Prof.N.S.Pandey, Prof.M.Muninarayanappa, and hosts of others), the ICBE was established in 2014 with an object of bringing together the commerce and management professionals under one roof of business education.

Integrate Commerce and Management Education into one – “Business Education”

Bring in professionalism, harmony among academicians and professionals and to achieve excellence with quality and wisdom.


1. To provide a common platform for all the Master Degree qualifiers like M.Com, MBA, MFA, MIB, MTA, MBS, MHRM, MFM, MMM, etc. under a single banner “Business Education”.

2. To perpetuate the interest of members through their continued participation in academic matters connected with Business Education

3. To conduct Seminars, Group discussions, Lectures, Demonstrations, Exhibitions, Workshops, Summer Schools and to publish Bulletins, Magazines, Books etc, for the development of Business Education.

4. To provide opportunities of professional development to Members.

5. To establish information centers to provide knowledge base to Members of academic fraternity, Industry Professionals and also to general public on matters relating to latest developments in the fields of industry, commerce and management.

6. To establish a system for continuous review and recommend up-gradation of the contents of different courses in Business Education, keeping in view the changes taking place in the National and Global Business Environment.

7. To encourage higher studies and research in the field of Business Education, undertaken by the members and assist selectively, financially or otherwise academic projects, within the purview of the objectives of ICBE.

8. To set-up Knowledge-Centers, libraries and business-laboratories for the benefit of Members of ICBE, members of teaching fraternity and students of Business Education.

9. To bring-in a close coordination between Government, Industrial establishments and the Universities in designing courses in sync with the changing needs of the Industry & Society.

10. To instill professional ethics and to strive for professional status for the graduates of Business Education.

11. To institute awards for the extraordinary or meritorious teachers, Research Scholars, Students and Professionals in the field of Business Education.

12. To design and award certificates and diploma programs in Business education.

13. To facilitate reaching of Business Education in the semi-urban and rural areas of India.

14. To purchase, Construct, take on lease , assignments, mortgage or otherwise tenements, buildings, easement rights and advantages of any kind what-so-ever, occupy, maintain and use for the purposes of the Council and resell, let, lease or otherwise deal with the same and barrow funds on the pledge of liquid asses and immovable properties in furtherance of the aims and objectives of the Council.

15. To establish research centers for the furtherance of advance knowledge and to create and disseminate the new knowledge, and to undertake research either on its own behalf or on behalf of any member of the Council on any aspects of business and business education and to recommend for the Government for its due implementation.

16. To promote any other objects of general interest and usefulness of its members and their profession.

17. To apply the profits if any or other income in promoting the above objects and prohibit the payment of any dividend or distribution of any income or profits among the members of the Council.

Membership in ICBE open for both individual who have professionally qualified in business education and institutional business education. The membership fee for each category in detailed below.


• Patrons INR 5,00,000 and above

• Donors INR 2,00,000 and above

• Long term (10 Years) INR 18,000

• Annual Membership INR 2,000


• Patrons INR 1,00,000 and above

• Donors INR 50,000 And above

• Life membership INR 5,000

• Annual Membership INR 1,000


Membership is by application and is open to all Postgraduates in Business Education ( viz., M.Com, MBA, MFA, MIB, MTA, MBS, MHRM, MFM, MMM, etc.) who are either in service or otherwise. Institutions imparting Business Education, Professional bodies connected with Business Education, Trade Associations and Industries may become  members of the Council by payment of the fee prescribed for institutional membership. They can also become patrons or donors by paying Rs, 5 Lakhs and Rs. 2 Lakhs respectively.