School for Business Education
Business education has two facets in accomplishing the thirst of business knowledge in an individual – commerce and management. In India, two such commerce-oriented professional bodies which took shape to quench this business thirst were the Indian Commerce Association established in 1949 and the Indian Accounting Association started in 1969. Another management related body that came into existence was the All India Management Association in 1957. These professional bodies provide a sectoral approach in imparting and developing business knowledge.

As there was a need for a holistic approach to integrate both commerce and management streams and to have broad policies both at the state and national level, the idea to set up “Indian Council for Business Education (ICBE)” was evolved. With the combined efforts of many distinguished luminaries of the academic world, ICBE was established in 2014 with an objective of bringing together the commerce and management professionals under one roof of business education.


Integrate Commerce and Management Education into one – “Business Education”


Bring in professionalism, harmony among academicians and professionals and to achieve excellence with quality and wisdom.