About ICBE


On behalf of Indian Council for Business Education, it is my bound and duty to place on website the very purpose of creating an exclusive council (association) for professionals of Business Education. Business being a wider term which includes all facets of production and distribution, need to be harnessed with right policies and guidelines at all levels i.e. from formulation of courses and award of certificates. To which there is a need for dedicated wholehearted efforts from every serious business professional both in the academic and industry. There is a need for concerted effort in achieving standards both in learning and practice which will enhances the value of Business Professionals both in their work place and in the society.

The role of business professional in the nation building is inevitable and they are now becoming main engines of economy. Hence it is my earnest appeal to all business professionals and institutions involving imparting business education and industry to become members of Indian Council for Business Education and also to strive hard to strengthen the Council to Guide the policy makers to achieve holistic approach and achieving uniformity and standards in Business Education throughout the country, which results in avoiding duplication, overlapping and effective functioning in their professional practices.