Management of the Council

National Executive Council

Office of the National Council of ICBE is at Bangalore. National Executive Council consists of ten founder members of ICBE, One member from each Regional Executive Council and all past presidents of Annual Conferences. Out of these members Office Bearers are to be nominated/elected for the post of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and Chief Editor for a period of three years. The term of these Office Bearers may be extended for another period of three years only.


1.Prof.B.C.Sanjeevaiah – Chairman
2.Prof.M.B.Shukla – Vice-Chairman
3.Prof.M.Muninarayanappa – General Secretary
4.Prof.N.S.Pandey – Joint Secretary
5.Sri.J.V.Santosh – Treasurer
6.Prof K.Viyyanna Rao – Chief Editor

Office Bearers

Former Dean,Commerce Dept
Bangalore University

Vice-Chairman ICBE &
Dean & Director, IMS, MGKV,Varanasi


General Secretary ICBE &
Dean & Chairman of Commerce Dept
Bangalore University

KM Center for PG Studies & Research Center, Pondicherry.


Mr. J V Santosh

Prof.Kodati Viyyanna Rao
Chief Editor- Journal &
Former Vice Chancellor ANU,Guntur

Joint Secretary-North
Jainarayanvyas University, Jodhpur


Prof.Nirmala M
Professor, CBSMS, Bangalore University

Prof.Gabriel Simon Thattil,
Member,Executive Council ICBE

Prof.Shiv Ram Prasad
Member, Executive Council, ICBE

Regional Councils:
To effectively realise the objectives ICBE has the following organisational structure: National Executive at all India level.Five regional councils spread across the country. Ie EIRC,WIRC,NIRC , SIRC &CIRC

The states coming under each of these regions are as follows:

Eastern Region (EIRC):
West Bengal, Jharkahnd, Bihar,Odissa.

Western Region (WIRC):
Rajasthan,Gujarat,Maharashtra and Goa.

Central Region (CIRC):
Uttarpradesh, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh.

Northern Region (NIRC):
Jammu & Kashmir,Himachal Pradesh,Punjab,Haryana and Delhi.

Southern Region (SIRC):
Karnataka,Andhra Pradesh,Telangana,Tamil nadu,Kerala and Pondicherry.

Each of the Regional Councils has two members drawn from each state falling under the region and will have a Regional Executive team comprising:

  • President,
  • Vice-President,
  • Secretary
  • Joint-Secretary
  • Treasurer

Regional Council Members:
The office bearers of the Respective Regional Councils for 2017-18 are as under: